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Data is becoming a new resource

Andrew Reese, Global Industry Manager at Endress+Hauser talks about the primaries & metals industry and why it has to become more efficient.

The primaries & metals industry must produce in a more efficient, environmentally friendly and safe manner. Andrew Reese, Global Industry Manager at Endress+Hauser, understands the role modern measurement technology plays.

Creative hubs: environment for sensor development and automation

Endress+Hauser has created creative units to develop sensors, technologies and automation solutions for the future

Endress+Hauser is charting new paths to innovation. In Freiburg, three creative hubs are working together in a university environment to develop sensors, technologies and automation solutions for the future.

State-of-the-art hydrocarbon calibration

Around 90 million barrels of crude oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) are produced around the world every day. This corresponds to 14.4 billion liters that are transported, temporarily stored, distributed, cracked and refined, shipped and finally used as an energy supply or as a raw material in…
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“We have to be much more collaborative”

Digitalization will affect every industry – and revolutionize the primaries & metals industry, says mining expert Michelle Ash. In a joint interview with CEO Matthias Altendorf, she discusses what this means for partnerships and the ability to collaborate. Ms Ash,…
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Fast help in case of emergency

Every minute counts when a measurement device malfunctions in a plant. Service personnel often lose additional time deciphering the field device’s diagnostic code on-site.  A new digital service from Endress+Hauser’s Netilion IIoT ecosystem is now enabling faster reactions: The service app Netilion Health knows 25,000 device diagnostics for over…
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