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Stronger together

Russian companies that extract and process raw materials and crude oil operate under enormous competitive pressure. With Endress+Hauser at their side, they are equipped not only with the right products but also the right advice.

New solutions

Tehnologiya LLC has been an established, reliable provider of equipment to the Russian petrochemicals market since 2010. The products, which are designed for storage and loading terminals, encompass dosing stations, filling and draining systems, breakaway couplings, gas filter separators and filters for liquids. Tehnologiya LLC has 100 employees and annual revenues of around 6.5 million euros.

In Russia, instrument approvals in the petrochemicals industry require a wealth of permits and certificates. “The Endress+Hauser measurement technology comes with all of the regulatory documents and fully satisfies the requirements of the harsh operating conditions,” says Sergey Vladimirovich Shahmaev, head of the instrumentation and controls department at Tehnologiya LLC. Coriolis flowmeters from the Promass line are used to measure the fill quantities of the oil products, while Liquiphant point level switches monitor the tank levels.

“From the very start of the partnership, not a day goes by that we haven’t been convinced by the instrument quality and expertise from Endress+Hauser.”

Sergey Vladimirovich Shahmaev, head of instrumentation and controls department at Tehnologiya LLC.

“When it comes to the flow rate, what’s important is a high level of measurement precision, simple installation and resistance to vibration,” explains Sergey Vladimirovich Shahmaev. “With the tuning fork technology for level measurements, absolute reliability is the top consideration.” Despite these high expectations, the company has not been disappointed. “From the very start of the partnership, not a day goes by that we haven’t been convinced by the instrument quality and expertise from Endress+Hauser.”

The partnership covers more than just individual consultation and on-time delivery. In order to optimize the products from Tehnologiya LLC, joint solutions were developed for specific engineering requirements, such as a new system for loading trains. The solution is based on a telescope stilling pipe equipped with the Micropilot FMR51 contactless radar level measurement instrument and the Liquiphant FTL51 vibronic point level switch. More than 140 of these systems have been produced.

Expectations met

JSC Uralelectromed, a specialist in refined copper, is the flagship company of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC), one of Russia’s leading producers of raw materials. JSC Uralelectromed’s core business is the processing of copper matte, which involves melting in reverberatory furnaces and electrolytic refining for the removal of impurities in the metal, as well as treating the so-called anode slurry, which contains valuable precious metals.

High temperatures: Liquid copper matte flows out of a flame furnace.

Every process relies on field instruments from Endress+Hauser. 90 percent of the devices in the refining process bear the blue logo. The instruments are used to measure level, pressure and flow, as well as temperature and physical-chemical properties. “Without exception, our experience with Endress+Hauser has been positive. The price–performance ratio is spot-on and the instruments and level of support fully meet our expectations,” says Project Manager Nadezhda Rubtsova.

The most important criteria when selecting the instrument provider are reliability, maintenance-friendly equipment, measurement stability, expert advice and excellent, agile service. The service, however, is rarely needed. Nadezhda Rubtsova: “Everything runs smoothly – and I believe that speaks for itself!”

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