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The Industrial Internet of Things makes it possible: The Micropilot FWR30 is the world’s first cloud-connected 80 gigahertz radar level sensor that measures and monitors both stationary and mobile intermediate bulk containers.

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are used in every industry, where they are filled with coolants, liquid foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and much more. One of the major advantages is that they can be used in a flexible way, which also presents a disadvantage, however, as classic inventory monitoring solutions are often too complex for mobile tanks that are frequently spread over a wide area. Empty tanks that need replenishing often go unnoticed until it is too late: when the container is empty.

Reliable measurement: The cloud-connected Micropilot FWR30 monitors levels in stationary and mobile intermediate bulk containers.

To prevent unpleasant surprises, Endress+Hauser now offers a new solution for remote level monitoring for mobile tanks. At the heart of the solution lies a precise, cloudconnected measurement device that was developed for exactly this type of application. The Micropilot FWR30 is the world’s first wireless 80 gigahertz radar level sensor that communicates exclusively via the IIoT. The batterypowered device requires neither data nor electrical cables and instead transmits its measured values to the Netilion Cloud using a battery-powered mobile connection. “The IIoT sensor delivers facts, whereas customers relied on assumptions for their applications up until now,” explains Janina Meng, Product Manager at Endress+Hauser.

Full transparency: The IIoT device makes measured values available via the cloud from anywhere at any time.

Easy to use
The cost-effective and compact device is installed and operational in just a few steps. The sensor can also be attached using the bracket provided so the IBCs can still be stacked. It is quickly and easily set up via an app. Users don’t have to do anything until the solution signals that the tank needs refilling. The inbuilt lithium battery does not require constant replacement and has a battery life of up to ten years depending on the preset measurement interval.

Effective management: Easy access to inventory information helps optimize the supply chain.

Customers can make a flexible choice from a broad range of digital products to meet the requirements of their application. The Netilion Value starter pack provides an overview of current measured values, historical data and device status. Based on this, Netilion Inventory additionally allows for simple and clear management of inventories, while SupplyCare Hosting offers an all-encompassing inventory management solution with a diverse range of functions. The digital services can be accessed via smartphone and tablet in addition to desktop PCs, while the data transmission fulfills the highest safety and data protection requirements.

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