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In-depth look into the process

Apart from monitoring the process conditions, growing numbers of customers want to directly determine product quality during the process, without delay and without impacting production. This is why Endress+Hauser expanded its portfolio of products for monitoring quality-relevant process parameters to include innovative moisture measurement and inline spectrometry technologies. The two acquisitions of IMKO Micromodultechnik and Blue Ocean Nova are the building blocks of a strategy that is designed to exploit corresponding technologies for process applications. Let’s have a closer look on it:

 IMKO Micromodultechnik is a German manufacturer of moisture measurement technology. The IMKO systems utilize time domain reflectometry, a technology that measures the time of flight of reflected radar waves and provides information regarding the dielectric constant of a material, which in turn ties directly to the moisture content.

This innovative method offers advantages over other technologies, given that conductivity has no bearing on the measurement. The precise, reliable and cost-efficient systems from IMKO are used to measure moisture in buildings and soil, for environmental monitoring and also in process applications for the primaries & metal, food & beverage, chemical and life science industries.

Blue Ocean Nova is a manufacturer of inline spectrometers for analyzing liquids, gases and solids, which was acquired by our company in November 2017. Using a new technology, the spectrometers can be directly integrated into the measurement probe. The process sensors from Blue Ocean Nova operate in optical spectroscopy regions of the electromagnetic spectrum such as ultraviolet and visible light, in addition to near- and mid-infrared.

The systems from Blue Ocean Nova are used in the food & beverage, oil & gas, chemical and life sciences industries for applications such as concentration and moisture measurements and for monitoring quality-relevant parameters. The technology enhances our analytical portfolio, which already encompasses Raman spectrometry and absorption spectrometry with tunable diode lasers as well as photometry technologies.

Acquisitions reinforce the position of the Endress+Hauser Group and expand our fields of activities. We have repeatedly supplemented our expertise through targeted acquisitions and the creation of start-up companies. Here is an overview of all of them:

Company logos of all related companies of the Endress+Hauser Group.

The Endress+Hauser companies.

  • Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG is a successful manufacturer of primary sensors and in addition to Endress+Hauser supplies many other companies.
  • Under the well-established Analytik Jena brand, we provide the laboratory business with analytical instruments and bioanalytical systems.
  • Kaiser Optical Systems manufactures leading-edge Raman analyzers for process and laboratory applications.
  • SpectraSensors is a leading provider in the field of laser-based gas analysis.
  • Truedyne Sensors was created as a start-up in the area of microsystems technology. The company develops and markets tiny sensors for density measurements.
  • The area of moisture measurement developed by IMKO further enhances our existing offering for process instrumentation with an additional key quality parameter.
  • Intelligent inline spectrometers from Blue Ocean Nova strengthen the process analytical instrumentation portfolio.

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