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Netilion offers added value without additional risks

Mr Kögler, Endress+Hauser is pursuing a strategy of small steps with the Netilion IIoT ecosystem. Why is that?
Digitalization of the process industry is a mammoth task that cannot be completed overnight. That’s why we are focusing on iterative development. That means we are moving Netilion forward in short, recurring cycles while constantly gathering feedback from users. This approach leads to short time-to-market and enables us to quickly respond to customer needs.

Endress+Hauser is accelerating the digitalization of industrial production. The cloud-based IIoT ecosystem Netilion forms the basis for new digital services.

What concrete benefits does Netilion provide?
Netilion allows our customers to easily optimize their workflows and flows of information, particularly in areas that are important to them, such as maintenance. With the Netilion apps, you can begin working immediately. There is no complicated installation required and the basic services are free of charge. In order to make it even easier for our customers, we have also developed complete bundled solutions for analyzing water. These systems are easy to order and commission and deliver precisely the information our customers need.

Bruno Kögler (40) is head of product management at Endress+ Hauser Digital Solutions in Reinach, Switzerland. Working closely with the customers, he uncovers optimization potential that is then integrated into the further development of the Netilion IIoT ecosystem.

How do you see process control developing further? How quickly will digitalization progress?
The process industry has always been rather conservative and concerned about security, but increasing cost pressures are forcing it to become more efficient. That’s why the new opportunities that digitalization opens up will be increasingly rolled out. And of course we have considered the high need for security. With our IIoT ecosystem, we are the first industrial company to receive four out of a possible five stars during the EuroCloud audit. Parallel to automation technology, information flows via our edge devices in one direction only: from the field to the cloud. In this sense, Netilion offers real added value without additional risks.

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