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Sculpture with symbolic power

What does a technology company have to do with art? At first glance, not much. On one side you have the world of highly precise measurements, the laws of physics and indisputable metrics. And on the other, the sphere of aesthetes, where is there no right or wrong and where personal taste matters much more than expert analyses.

Still, Endress+Hauser is not just a high-tech company. It’s also a family company. And family companies, which are marked by a strong focus on values and a deeply rooted corporate culture, are different. There is good reason why the Endress+Hauser claim – People for Process Automation – puts the emphasis on people.

Customers, employees and shareholders all have different roles in this corporate fabric. But they all carry the company and they all depend on one another. When Klaus Endress was serving as CEO of the Group, nurturing and cultivating this corporate culture was an important issue for him – and it still is. For many years now, he has also been relying on the communicative power of art. With the sculpture Loyalty and Responsibility, which he commissioned Swiss artist Bruno Guthauser to create, he has conceived a work of art that gives form to the idea of a “good company”.

See in the video, how this story evolved and take the journey to the heart of the Endress+Hauser corporate culture.

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  1. Judi Hanson

    Sculpture is the only true art form. Well done EH.


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