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Streamlined calibrations

Temperature is the most frequently measured process parameter in the food & beverage industry. That is certainly the case at New Belgium Brewing, an American company that has been brewing craft beer for around 30 years in traditional Belgian beer styles. There are around 100 RTD thermometers installed at the company’s site in Asheville, North Carolina alone.

In the past the brewery had relied on portable micro-baths, and other methods, to calibrate the thermometers. The micro-bath single-point calibrations involve the use of hot oil and a reference thermometer, which takes on average 45 minutes per sensor to complete. This prompted the brewery to look for a more efficient solution, which it found in the iTHERM TrustSens, the world’s first self-calibrating thermometer from Endress+Hauser.

TrustSens is typically used for inline calibration in systems that rely on regular steam sterilization. The self-calibration process is triggered when the temperature rises above 118 degrees Celsius. But since the brewery does not utilize steam, Kyle Boughner, lead instrumentation specialist, chose another path. He removes the TrustSens probe from the thermowell and places it inside a ceramic block heater, which is then heated. This calibration step takes only 15 minutes.

“TrustSens has the capability to turn a very tedious task into an easy process,” says Boughner. He then adds: “We’re not only happy with the ease of calibrations but also with the accuracy and response times we’re seeing from this thermometer.”

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