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Using sound waves to create an acoustic “fingerprint” of liquid concentrations

Easy to use: The new Teqwave T measures liquid concentrations in the passivation bath.

‘Stainless steel surfaces, from matte to shiny’ is the company motto at Swiss-based Hug Oberflächentechnik AG. The company has been treating stainless steel products for more than 40 years and specializes in pickling, electropolishing and passivation. To achieve an optimal…
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Data is becoming a new resource

Andrew Reese, Global Industry Manager at Endress+Hauser talks about the primaries & metals industry and why it has to become more efficient.

The primaries & metals industry must produce in a more efficient, environmentally friendly and safe manner. Andrew Reese, Global Industry Manager at Endress+Hauser, understands the role modern measurement technology plays.