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The best sales argument

One of the largest manufacturers of process instrumentation in the USA is a Swiss company. Endress+Hauser produces at four locations in the country. Flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement technology as well as system products are produced in Greenwood, Indiana, while analytical instruments are manufactured in Anaheim, California; Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Rancho Cucamonga, California. The various production facilities employ almost 600 people. The plants primarily supply the North American market, while South American customers are for the most part served from Brazil.

Domestic production: Endress+Hauser manufactures most of the instruments sold in the US within the country.

“Local manufacturing is one of the strongest sales arguments in our market,” says Stefan Grotzer, head of flowmeter manufacturing. After all, wherever Endress+Hauser produces in the world, the same products are manufactured with the same quality. Over the years, the level of in-house production in the US has been continuously expanded and the number of product families constantly increased. “All of our customers are impressed at how clean, well-kept and bright it is at our production centers,” says Jason Baker, who is responsible for level and pressure device production. “That influences work attitude, increases safety and improves the quality of our products.”

Market knowledge drives new products
Regional production makes it possible to quickly and flexibly incorporate the customers’ wishes. “Our global production network is extremely agile. We can react very quickly,” emphasizes Patrick McGlothlen, head of temperature instruments and system products manufacturing. The proximity to sales and customers helps to understand the needs of the North American market. This knowledge has been flowing into the development of new products for several years now. Various teams in the US are working on new flow, level and pressure measurement engineering. And in the field of analytical technology, a wealth of R&D expertise has been gathered in the country for years.

Market experience: Specialists are developing new measurement instruments in the United States.

Specialists in California are working on sensors for liquid analysis, as well as laser spectroscopy analyzers for gases. In Michigan, Endress+Hauser is manufacturing Raman analyzers that examine liquids, gases and solids with laser technology as well. “These highly sophisticated analytical methods boast huge potential,” says John Schnake, who heads up this area within the Endress+Hauser Group. “We’re currently building global sales and support structures to drive this business forward” – a development that will also boost production in the United States.


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    I like Endress&hauser company so much I hope one day I became one of 600 employees.

    1. Kristina Rodriguez (Post author)

      Thank you for the compliment. Please have a look at our career page on our website (, there are always interesting opportunities to join the People for Process Automation. You can also apply there directly. Good luck!


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