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Tricking the system

Endress+Hauser had to keep its eye on regional lockdowns during the pandemic. Measurement instruments were warehoused – and automatically delivered to customers once they were able to accept deliveries again.

Text: Christine Böhringer
Illustration: 3st

In the spring of 2020, most business in Italy, Spain and France was at a complete standstill. Because of strict lockdowns in regions heavily impacted by the virus, companies were forced to close from one day to the next, not even able to accept deliveries. Endress+Hauser was in a position to react quickly in this situation, with the European logistics hub in Frankfurt, Germany playing a key role.

The facility collects delivery-ready measurement instruments from various production centers and ships them to customers from a central point. For that, a completely digital and automated process is used. At the heart of this process is a software system with the flexibility to find the best logistics provider for each delivery.


“Our sales centers stored the postcodes for the lockdown regions in the system, which then automatically warehoused deliveries destined for the impacted regions at the hub,” explains Stefan Kern, IT & Data Analytics Manager at Endress+Hauser. Around 8,800 such deliveries were held back during the lockdown.

As soon as lockdown restrictions were eased, the sales centers released the corresponding postcode. The system then immediately sent the instruments on their way. The selection of a freight forwarder was automatically controlled through intelligent algorithms. That’s why instruments often arrived at the customer within 24 hours.

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